It’s not enough to choose a family law or divorce attorney who excels on behalf of his clients in a professional capacity. People going through a tough time need to be able to rely on an astute lawyer who can both make a personal connection with clients as well objectively analyze the facts of a particular case— someone who can provide a holistic approach to meeting the client’s needs both in and out of the confines of the courthouse.

Peter Morris is the rare matrimonial law attorney who encompasses all of these qualities. He is a sharp litigator who thrives on the courtroom experience — but his legal tactics are always informed by the best interests of his clients.

Mr. Morris was a successful tort and medical malpractice attorney in Manhattan for nearly 30 years until he went through a highly contentious divorce and custody matter himself. He found his experience to be wholly unsatisfying from both the perspective of an attorney and a litigant. Mr. Morris realized that the matrimonial law field was lacking attorneys with the litigation and trial skills found in other areas of the law, such as torts and criminal law. Mr. Morris understood that his skill set and courtroom acumen would allow him to craft a narrative and case strategy from the beginning, paving the road toward the achievement of higher quality results for his clients.

The other attorney at the practice, Elsie Echevarria, has a background as a litigator in securities, corporate, business and international law. She has built on that experience to become a thorough, meticulous family and divorce law attorney who keenly understands the financial implications of matrimonial law for her clients. Her background allows her to understand and navigate the often complex and varied assets in play in a high net worth divorce matter.

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