Manhattan Child Visitation Attorneys Working For You

Preserve Your Parental Rights Via Visitation

Child custody battles can be intense and grueling. In the end, circumstances may dictate that joint custody is not a viable option, and that one of the parents will receive sole physical custody, and that the other parent is entitled to visitation rights.

Child visitation is not necessarily a straightforward proposition. Judges can place restrictions on parents regarding their visitation rights, and so it is crucial to have a family law attorney who can effectively argue on behalf of his or her clients to ensure that their parental rights are protected. The lawyers from Peter Morris Law in New York understand the contentious nature of child custody and visitation matters, and they are strong advocates for their clients.

What Can I Expect From Visitation?

A judge has leeway when determining the terms of parental visitation. In cases that are less contentious, it may be left to the parents to come up with a parenting plan themselves — with the help of their family law attorneys. This allows parents to shape a visitation schedule around their other obligations.

In a less amicable situation, a judge could order a set visitation schedule where the parents have little or no input into the particulars. In some cases, supervised visitation is required, where a court-approved third party personally monitors all visits.

Because of the wide range of possible outcomes, it is important to discuss your custody and visitation issues with an experienced family law attorney. Contact Peter Morris Law for a consultation by calling 212-256-9486 or by emailing your contact information.