Don’t Get Blindsided On Child Support

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Among the issues that are the most divisive in a contested divorce is child support. Most people would agree that it is not unreasonable for noncustodial parents to contribute to their children’s upbringing; in fact, it is well-established that parents are financially responsible for their children regardless of where they live.

What leads to disputes, however, is when one side or the other attempts an end run around their child support responsibilities — by intentionally depressing their income in an attempt to pay less money or by overstating what is required to cover a child’s needs, for example. The lawyers at New York’s Peter Morris Law recognize the difficulties parents can have in this area and work hard to advocate for a solution that is both appropriate and enforceable.

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A baseline amount of child support is dictated by a calculation based on the parents’ incomes. Some families, however, may not fit into the box that a simple calculation would put them in. Parents who earn an extraordinarily high income, for example, are often obligated to pay an amount in line with what would be appropriate for that income and its associated lifestyle — something that might be considerably more than what a formula might yield.

Parents may be obligated to pay for all or a share of add-on expenses, such as fees for private school, tutors, un-reimbursed medical costs, camp, extracurricular activities and college.

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