Make Sure All Marital Assets Are Accounted For

Rely On An Attorney Who Knows How To Find Hidden Assets

In many ways, divorce proceedings resemble a chess match. In order to be victorious, the winning side must stay a few moves ahead of the other and anticipate the opponent’s strategy. On occasion, a bold offensive move may be warranted if it takes the other side off-guard.

In chess, however, all of the pieces are on the table at the beginning of the game for everyone to see. Each side starts on equal footing. The same may not hold true in a divorce. Experienced divorce lawyers must consider the possibility that assets, and information about those assets, are being hidden. The attorneys at Peter Morris Law use their legal acumen to work to uncover hidden assets on behalf of their clients in Manhattan and throughout New York.

Lawyers Who Do The Hard Work For You

In a contentious divorce where the stakes are high, no stone should be left unturned. What should rightly be considered as marital assets could be masquerading as a separate business or holding company; be held under the name of a relative, friend or fictitious person; or be located in a foreign country.

Asset declarations should never be taken at face value, particularly when an omission — deliberate or otherwise — could have a major effect on the outcome of a divorce. Contact the attorneys at Peter Morris Law for a consultation about your case and what they can accomplish for you. Email them or call their office in Manhattan at 212-256-9486.