Consider Your Real Estate Holdings In A Divorce

Is It Your Best Option To Maintain All Your Properties?

Land and property are tangible assets that can be appraised and valued. In a divorce, however, the value of these holdings might be up for debate. Real estate holdings are often not only a central component of a couple’s assets or portfolio, but may also be laden with emotional value: These are the primary residences and vacation homes around which people and families have structured their lives. Additionally, investment properties, or those held by one individual’s family or purchased prior to the marriage, carry other financial concerns or implications.

What is more, a building or a plot of land cannot simply be chopped in half and awarded equally to each side. It takes a comprehensive assessment of the complete real estate portfolio as well as other assets and expenditures to get an accurate picture of its true value to divorcing spouses. The matrimonial lawyers at Peter Morris Law in New York provide detailed, thorough accounting of all marital assets, not just those involving real estate transactions.

Much Of Your Wealth Is Likely In Real Estate

Dividing real estate assets from a marriage is not simply about the family home. There are multiple factors and multiple properties that may make up the real estate owned by a couple. This can include not only residential real estate, including the primary residence and vacation properties, but also commercial real estate such as office buildings, apartment buildings or other investment properties.

The experienced attorneys from Peter Morris Law have a solid background in business law as well as matrimonial law. That means they are adept at looking at the big picture for their clients from a financial perspective as well as a personal one.

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