A Firm Adept At Handling High-Asset Divorces

Work With Matrimonial Attorneys Who Protect Your Interests

There are a multitude of issues to evaluate when you are considering a divorce. This is especially true when issues such as asset valuation and equitable distribution of your marital assets are primary considerations. You need to find an attorney who will find an effective, creative and ultimately satisfying resolution to what is a difficult time in your life.

The attorneys at Peter Morris Law in New York understand this completely. They are sensitive to critical components of your divorce such as child custody and child support. At the same time, they are not afraid to challenge the status quo when it comes to fighting for and obtaining the best results for their clients.

Lawyers Who Know How To Get Things Done

Peter Morris Law benefits greatly from having attorneys who have extensive backgrounds in complex litigation. That means they are unafraid to bring a case to court and challenge the opposition. Their reputation of success is well-known among judges, referees and other lawyers, and provides a distinct advantage when a case goes to trial.

A high-asset divorce covers a lot of ground, from such issues as parental rights and spousal maintenance or support to real estate, property, business and asset valuation and division. The attorneys at Peter Morris Law are able to evaluate the big picture while thoroughly understanding the minutia and work tirelessly to develop a strategy to guide their clients and their cases.

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