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Is A Prenup In Your Best Interests?

Work With An Attorney To Get The Total Picture

The idea of a prenuptial agreement fills many people with dread. For some, going ahead with a prenup seems like an admission that a marriage isn’t going to last — or maybe shouldn’t take place at all. Others feel that simply bringing up the idea means one partner doesn’t trust his or her future spouse.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. A prenup allows for full disclosure prior to marriage and may alleviate the financial insecurities and issues that often lead to the erosion of the marital relationship. In the case that a marriage does not work out, it helps provide some certainty for all parties involved.

Marriage agreements don’t have to be so contentious. Peter Morris Law can assist you in negotiating and drafting a prenuptial agreement — or the after-wedding variation, a postnuptial agreement — that provide a measure of safety and security for both parties.

Your Effort May Pay Off In The Long Term

Drafting a prenup or postnup is not only practical, it can be beneficial as well. Discussing potentially thorny issues before they come up in an adversarial manner with an experienced matrimonial lawyer can open a dialog about the marriage heading into it, rather than at its end.

A poorly drafted marriage agreement may open the door to dispute its terms if the relationship should falter. The attorneys at Peter Morris Law understand how to evaluate existing agreements to discover if they are weak and could be invalidated in court.

Coming to terms on a marriage agreement takes some foresight. If there is not sufficient time to do so beforehand, a postnuptial agreement covers much the same ground. In either case, consulting with experienced attorneys sooner rather than later is recommended.

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