Figuring Out How To Divide Inherited Property

Some Assets May Belong To One Person Only

Determining the full scope of marital assets can be a tricky task. This difficulty may be amplified when some of the assets come from inherited property. It may take a forensic accountant to review the history of an inheritance to determine where the assets went and the manner in which they should be divided based on their origin.

The attorneys at Peter Morris Law in New York are committed to representing the best interests of their clients in all matters. That particularly applies to determining assets that should be earmarked for one-half of a divorcing couple because of its origin as an inheritance.

Lawyers Who Do The Hard Work For You

Depending on the nature of an inheritance, the beneficiary maintains certain inheritance rights to the funds, even long after the fact. This is important, because it may not be possible to simply draw a line from an inheritance several years ago to where the proceeds are today and to what extent, if any, they have been commingled.

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